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My love story with Arōmatouch started 4 years ago when I was looking for a simple massage technique with high quality essential oils.

I went to London and met Emmanuelle Duce who trained me. I emerged totally overwhelmed and transformed 🌟

The magic of oils and movements had performed ... I had only one idea in mind ... Sharing this technique with everyone.

Two years ago, after a series of tests, I finally became Arōmatouch Instructrice with so much satisfaction. Today, more than 1'000 people trained and certified in Switzerland and in Europe provide this wonderful care for their family or their customers.

The Arōmatouch Certification contains :

  • 8 essential oils bottles (5mL)

  • training book in french or english 

  • dōTERRA certification

  • theoretical class by an aromatherapist 

  • practice, you give and receive an Arōmatouch

1 day ⎜180 CHF or 150 €

What they say about it

"Great Sunday training Arōmatouch massage with oils dōTerra !! Coming from Switzerland, the trainer (certified aromatherapist), Bénédicte Graf was exciting ... Thank you!"